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Monitor issues

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I have two seperate machines. One is a G4 500, the other is a dual G4 733. Both have fairly generic, standard apple ATI video cards installed ( I don't remember model numbers )
On the G4 500, I had a generic NFREN 15" LCD monitor plugged in. Since then I have bought a new 17" Viewsonic, and attached that. I unplugged a 17" NEC E700 from the dual G4 733 and plugged the NFREN 15" LCD into that machine. Upon reboot, both systems were showing a green tint/hue to pictures and images (in specific), as well as the mail notifier icon (Red) being now green.
I have attempted to recalibrate the colorsync profiles, nothing works. In all profiles for the TFT LCD, it shows the "red" curve line as green in color
Here's where it gets stranger. When I unplug the NFREN 15" LCD from the system and plug the E700 back in, then do a "detect displays", everything GOES BACK TO NORMAL. If I unplug the E700 then plug in the LCD, it stays NORMAL- telling me the pins are not bent on the cable. If I do a "detect displays", it goes "green" again.Is this a bug? Any tips? How do I fix this? Can I hack the profile for the LCD to point at the profile for the E700 instead?

Please help

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic … p;t=311609
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Thank you



Try asking questions here => https://toster.ru/

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